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A report by Sarah O'Connor published on ozy.com on 19 February 2019 says the soft skills that women typically have are bot-proofing them. “As machines become better at many cognitive tasks, it is likely that the skills they are relatively bad at will become more valuable,” she says.

Trendwatching reports that Emirates Group will open the world’s largest indoor vertical farm to produce better airplane food by investing USD40 million in the 900-acre establishment.

Airbnb Zen

Terahaku (www.terahaku.jp) , a website allowing tourists to book stays in Japanese temples, debuted in July 2018. The platform’s launch coincides with Japan’s new minpaku law, which lowers legal barriers to renting out properties as short-term lodgings.

Amanda Ciccatelli, a leading Content Marketing & Social Media Strategy in the Insights Marketing & Innovation Division of Informa posted the following on LinkedIn regarding the top innovations we can expect in 2018:

Richard Thaler, one of the founding fathers of “nudge” theory, which has helped boost British tax receipts and encouraged smokers to become vapers, has been awarded the 2017 Nobel prize for economics. It is about the notion that people can be influenced by prompts – such as changing the wording of tax demands – to alter their behaviour.

Consumers are creating the future of retail driven by the need for greater convenience and bang for their buck value and chasing aspects such as excitement, meaning, status, relevance, authenticity, social connection and more.

Renowned Competitive Intelligence Consultant Babette Bensoussan has compiled a document containing tips from her career as business consultant.  It makes for interesting and enlightening reading.

By Ben Gilad (LinkedIn) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/can-one-war-game-change-companys-path-ben-gilad In a 2010 book, Seizing the White Space: Business Model Innovation for Growth and Renewal (Harvard Business Press), author Mark Johnson describes a path changing event for Dow Corning- the creation of Xiameter, a low-touch, self-service and standardized operation aimed at capturing the low end of the silicone market which was almost diametrically opposed to the model that governed Dow Corning’s core operating mode (high end, high price, bundled product and services).

“When shoppers walk into the new Nordstrom store in West Hollywood, Calif., next month, they’ll find tailors altering suits and stylists doling out advice. They’ll be able to sip some wine or cold-pressed juice, and maybe even get a manicure as they choose a new wardrobe. What they won’t be able to do is take any clothes home.”

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