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The World Is More Stable But South Africa Trends Downward In Fragility Index

The UN’s 13th Annual Fragile States Index (FSI), was launched on 15 May 2017 at the UN’s Foundation in Washington DC. The Fragile States Index highlights current trends in social, economic and political pressures that affect all states, but can strain some beyond their capacity to cope.

A new index of global “fragility” delivers some predictable results. Finland is the world’s most stable country and South Sudan the least. The Fragile States Index also challenges the popular wisdom that the world grew more turbulent in 2016: a majority of countries in fact became more stable in 2016. Exceptions abound, not least America, which had its score lowered after a polarising presidential election. Some key observations: 1. The US was the 13th most worsened nation last year 2. The UK after BREXIT has also worsened markedly 3. Mexico and Ethiopia saw the greatest decline 4. Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, and the Gambia also trended downward\ 5. Cuba was the most improved country over the past 10 years Read more on this interesting topic on http://fortune.com/2017/05/15/united-states-fragile-stages-index/  or visit fsi.fundforpeace.org.