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When a competitive Intelligence manager wins

On 7 May 2017, Ben Gilad posted a blog titled ‘When a Competitive Intelligence Manager Wins’ about a Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP) and Manager Competitive Sales Enablement at NetApp. Michael Shea published a piece on finding Competitive Intelligence on LinkedIn.

The gist of Gilad’s blog is that “until you can show that intelligence can boost sales' wins, one lacks credibility with management.” “Until we consistently win with Sales”, he says, “no one will care about our opinions.” Much of the knowledge required about the competitive environment already is within the company and the sales force is the core source of such information. This primary collection of information is key to unlock competitive advantage: human source collection, internal networks, interviews and trade shows are critical source of information to create intelligence. Talking to your own people is the way to getting people to listen to competitive intelligence. Read more about this provocative and interesting piece on https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/when-competitive-intelligence-manager-wins-ben-gilad