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Uber And Its Department of Competitive Intelligence

The ways in which companies gather information on their competitors are numerous. Some test out the competitor’s products and services to see how they work or track their movement on a day to day basis or monitor their job listings to glean insight about upcoming initiatives.

In the technology industry go to great lengths to size up their competition according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. Uber employs a competitive intelligence team to study its rivals. That team bought anonymized data — including information on Lyft receipts gleaned from customer inboxes — from analytics firm Slice Intelligence to no surprise to business and market intelligence experts because “everyone does it.” Using Competitive intelligence and specifically Competitor Intelligence to gain and sustain a competitive advantage is not new. It is about figuring out what the competition is doing: What are they saying to shareholders and the press? What’s in their publicly available financial documents? What products have they launched? Having a Department of Competitive Intelligence is often a luxury of something the value of which is not realised with a company. Most companies dedicating “one person buried somewhere in the marketing department who every couple of weeks talks to the CEO or produces a report, but other companies will have bigger groups doing more explicit mining of the information that’s out there.” Uber has a whole department dedicated to Competitive Intelligence. Read more here www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-tn-competitive-intelligence-20170427-htmlstory.html or direct your CI questions to Marie-Luce Kühn at IBIS, a South African company specialising in Competitive Intelligence since 1997.