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Computers Outshining Programmers and Reversing Paralysis: New in Technologies for 2017

Technology Review published a list of technologies that will economy and politics, improve medicine, or influence culture that are both unfolding now or that will develop over the next few years. Although not all of them will make sense to all of us, some are certain to cause excitement and anticipation.

In summary, here are the new technologies (please open this link for a description of each one: www.technologyreview.com/lists/technologies/2017/)

  1. Reversing paralysis through brain implants to restore movement
  2. Self-driving trucks...can we imagine the effect on logistics and costs and employment?
  3. Facial recognition for payments, already in use in China
  4. Computers with previously unimaginable power are now within reach
  5. The 360 degree selfie opening a new world of photography and how stories are shared
  6. Solar cells create cheap and continuous power
  7. Gene therapy to take on cancer, heart disease and common illnesses
  8. Biology through technology will find out what we are made of (cell atlas)
  9. The so-called ?Botness of Things?: push to add connectivity to home gadgets is creating dangerous sides effects
  10. Reinforcement learning: this time by computers that are figuring out stuff that no programmer could teach them