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Voice Becoming more Resistant to Substitution: Africa Telecoms Key Trends and Opportunities

Africa Telecoms Outlook: Key Trends and Opportunities' by Analysis Mason identifies and analyses recent major developments in the African telecoms market, as well as assessing the prospects for the sector and providing strategic recommendations for key players.

Some of the key findings are the following:

  • Broadband infrastructure and data centres are key to the development of Africa?s digital economy
  • OTT messaging services dominate in South Africa, but mobile voice will be more resistant to substitution
  • The growing demand for Internet services across Sub-Saharan Africa continues to drive network expansion and smartphone take-up
  • Fundamental reforms are needed to promote the growth of the African audio-visual sector
  • Operator-led mobile money services in South Africa have yet to gain traction
  • Tech companies offer an alternative to PPP investments in broadband networks

Download the report here: www.africantelecomsnews.com/whitepapers/africa_outlook_analysis.html