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Consumers Have Become More Demanding, More in Control and Wellness is a Status Symbol Consumer Trends 2017

The Euromonitor International report, The top 10 consumer trends for 2017', list the consumer trends for 2017. To download the free report, go to their website.

In summary the trends are:

  1. Older consumers are no longer side-lined and satisfied with being marginalised and being given scant attention
  2. Children are on top of things: Informed, influencing and buying
  3. The larger consumers, like the older consumer demands changes in fashion, wearables, travel
  4. Time-pressed consumers are accommodated by brands responding with speed-up business models in fast food, grocery, shipping, fashion sectors
  5. Consumers want to feel what they get is real so brands are responding by using customers' photos, home sharing apps share local information, natural food, real-world holiday
  6. Consumers are looking for their identity in a post-gender world, thinking more collectively and brands being forced to rethink just who their audiences really are?
  7. There is a trend towards democratisation of personalisation, from travel to media to clothing to toys
  8. After-care is growing and post-sales convenience and care is a growing trend
  9. Safety and security grows in importance.

Health and wellness and everything associated with that (clean living, life balance, exercised, organic eating) is becoming a status symbol away from collecting stuff as an indicator of wealth