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Is This How We Will Be Shopping Soon? The Ever-Changing Rules of Engagement

Advanced technologies are shaping the future of retail stores with the aim to effectively compete with online competitors.

A report in the Daily Mail mentions Amazon's experimental grocery store in Seattle, opening in early 2017, that will let shoppers buy goods without needing to stop at a checkout line. The report mentions the top technologies that will soon in in our retailers:

Smart Shelves will provide consumer intelligence (consumer behaviour analytics).

Robots will come in handy for packaging purposes and to dispatch orders. They will start interacting with shoppers and guide them to specific products.

Interactive mirrors on dressing rooms will offer shoppers a 360-degree view of what an outfit looks like. Shoppers can make side-by-side comparisons without having to try them all on. They can also share video with friends for feedback.

Virtual and augmented reality will help home improvement shoppers figure out ways to decorate homes or apartments.

Self-checkouts, although around for some time will grow to lower labor costs and speed up checkout lines. Panasonic Corp. unveiled an unstaffed bagging system at a Lawson convenience store in Japan. Shoppers place a 'smart' basket with their items on a machine at checkout.

Read more: www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4084612/Here-come-smart-stores-robots-interactive-shelves.html#ixzz4VXYfiNbj