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Competitive Intelligence Resolutions for 2017

Strategy Shapers, a US-based strategy and competitive intelligence consulting firm annually published ?Intelligence New Year?s Resolutions.?

Its 2017 resolutions are just out and include the following:

  1. Dont Wait to be Blessed! Intelligence Groups should strut their stuff and stop waiting for a blessing from higher up. Many of your bosses and clients wont understand what you are trying to do until youve done it (and) chances are you wont get it right the first time or two.
  2. Put Winning First. Read more.
  3. Take Responsibility with Passion and join the team. Read more.
  4. Take it to the Street. Intelligence should be digestible tactically and strategically if it wants to be relevant and counted. Read more.
  5. Think Financially: Make financial market opinion part of the intelligence analysis.

Read all here: http://www.strategyshapers.com/2017/01/05/2016-intelligence-resolutions/