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Business Trends for 2017: Bizcommunity

What are the trends that will characterise the business world of 2017.

In summary the trends are:

  1. External specialised super consultants will become de rigueur and will bring fresh and innovative ideas to corporates.
  2. Corpups: Corporates will become more agile through the use of smaller teams to simulate start-ups.
  3. CSI will move towards ?real and relevant issues? such as education and migration.
  4. Mentorships will grow pairing new graduates with experienced corporate players.
  5. Automation will receive a backlash with P2P that is the preferred way to engage; technology becomes an enabler and not a replacer of people.
  6. The exhibition industry will move towards becoming a creator of an inclusive experience with more theatre and family focus.
  7. Luxury goods market will move toward a more bespoke offering: Unique designs with limited runs of products manufactured in emerging markets.
  8. Personal health control will change: Self-diagnosis will grow thanks to advances in technology and people are becoming even more critical of medical treatments.

Read the detail here: http://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/424/155852.html