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Masters of the Revolution

The UK's MP Alan Mak recently launched a report which calls for why the Fourth Industrial Revolution should be at the heart of Britain?s new Industrial Strategy. The ?Masters of the Revolution? report highlights techUK?s work on the importance of addressing the digital skills gap and ensuring the UK?s Artificial Intelligence future.

He highlighted the importance of ?getting things right? to ensure the UK can achieve the full economic and social benefits of technological innovation and the importance of having a framework in place that is focused on the medium and long term and an industrial strategy that is long term focused and can endure. The 4IR report calls on policy makers to respond as the opportunities presented by AI, robotics, IoT, autonomous cars, drones and 3D printing gathers pace "to ensure the UK can realise the full opportunities of these technologies." To make this happen the report outlines 20 recommendations. Read more about these recommendations here: http://www.techuk.org/insights/news/item/9735-techuk-welcomes-fourth-industrial-revolution-report?