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Strategic planning = Analysis + Intuition + Creativity?

In an article to be published in the Public Management Review (March 2017) and available in PDF online, Bert George, Sebastian Desmith, Eva Cools and Anita Prinzie write the following: ?One of the strongest prejudices towards strategic planning is that it solely relies on analysis and limits any creativity/intuition?. It is not "strategic thinking". Their research found that this prejudice is simply incorrect.

?Specifically, planning team members with a creating cognitive style are more likely to accept the strategic planning process and be committed to the implementation of the strategic plan. Strategic planning must be based on thorough analysis but without insight and creativity the plan will not succeed.? Read or download full report here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/310452985_Cognitive_styles_user_acceptance_and_commitment_to_strategic_plans_in_public_organizations_an_empirical_analysis