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If You Are a Wind Turbine Specialist, You have Job Security

Bloomberg published a list of the top jobs going into the future (to 2024). It ranked occupations by the percentage increase projected from 2014 to 2024. The new jobs and those that are expected to show the biggest employment growth are mainly in health care:

1. Wind turbine service technician

2. Occupational therapy assistant

3. Physical therapist assistant

4. Physical therapist aide

5. Home health aide

6. Commercial diver

7. Nurse practitioner

8. Physical therapist

9. Statistician

10. Ambulance driver and attendant, except emergency medical technician

11. Occupational therapy aide

12. Physician assistant

13. Operations research analyst

14. Personal financial advisor

15. Cartographer and photogrammetrist

16. Genetic counsellor

17. Interpreter and translator

18. Audiologist

19. Hearing aid specialist

20. Optometrist

21. Forensic science technician

22. Web developer

23. Occupational therapist

24. Diagnostic medical sonographer

25. Personal care aide