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I love Babette’s writings. Her latest post on LinkedIn looks at the management of Competitive Intelligence and how to overcome certain challenges. She touches upon the reasons why some Competitive Units fail or fail to flourish and one of the top reasons is that they were never intelligence units to begin with; they were data collecting teams.

“The difference between the teams that succeed and those that do not, is the ability to establish an ongoing dialogue with top management about upcoming decisions. Those CI teams who fail to establish this dialogue, often guess the decisions management is facing and deliver information that is not relevant or useful. Further, if a CI unit is buried deep within an organisation, it will never establish this type of strategic dialogue with its users – unfortunately, this is where the majority of intelligence efforts begin,” she says. Some of the tips she provides:

  • Focus only on the key intelligence questions and not the types of information to collect
  • The placement of the unit will determine its success or failure
  • Choose the CI staff carefully, based on experience
  • Focus on obtaining hidden information

See www.linkedin.com/pulse/managers-survival-guide-competitive-insights-babette-bensoussan. Posted by Marie-Luce KUHN