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17 To 37-year-olds Prioritise Experiences Over Things...For Instagram

People born between 1980 and 2000 (Millennials) are distinguishable from earlier generations for a number of traits. Kate Snyder, head of anthropology at Instant Grass International, delved into what makes this consumer group tick.

  • The majority of millennials prefer to visit malls to fulfil their shopping needs – they require the tangibility of going to the store. Also, shopping is not the main driver – rather it is about socialising, dining at restaurants, wanting to see and be seen. Mall management should take note of Millennials’ need for a fully experiential cultural and social hubs place above and beyond shopping and their need for a 360-degree experience.
  • Their hesitance towards online shopping persists due to fears relating to online transaction security and concerns that packages will never arrive.
  • They crave instant gratification, and cannot wait for a delivery to arrive.
  • They want more digital assistance with their actual shopping: Free and fast Wi-Fi access, and personal shopping apps that show them where things are available in stores that would fit their wants and needs.
  • They prioritise experiences over things for the purpose of Instagram.
  • Living in the ‘influencer age’, millennials are heavily influenced by being online all the time. While the actual purchasing is happening in the physical store, the shopping is happening on social media. Brands are starting to tap into influencer marketing and think that if they hire influencers and throw product at them, people will, in turn, buy that brand. Shopping malls should create environments where influencers naturally want to see and be seen, according to Kate Snyder. This is much like the principle of brand ambassadors.

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