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“Higher fares, fewer routes, pre-flight health checks and less free food: The coronavirus pandemic is ushering in a new era of air travel” (Bloomberg, 2020).

Just because a company has invested in CI headcount, it does not necessarily mean that the organization has built an Intelligence Culture. Building a culture of competitive intelligence in your company can open the doors to greater (measurable, visible) impact across every department.

My eye caught this interesting article by Matthew Senger, SVP, Product Leadership, Innovation Measurement Nielsen which was published early 2019 on Competitive Intelligence and Innovation.  With the necessary reference I hereby let the article do the talking (Source: Nielsen.com):

Crayon's Competitive Intelligence Spotlight is an interview series of chats with intelligence professionals to get a glimpse into their careers and gain unique insight into competitive strategy. In this edition of the Competitive Intelligence Spotlight Series, Paul Santilli, Worldwide OEM Industry Intelligence and Strategy at Hewlett Packard Enterprise talks about competitive strategy:

Ben Gilad, Founder, Academy of Competitive Intelligence wrote a message to his students at the Academy of Competitive Intelligence in February 2020 about what he calls the “trials and tribulations” of a CI practitioner.

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